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A lesson in mind management by Vicky Ross

We are often told that what you do in life is important. However the intention behind what you do is often overlooked. In this sense it’s the “why” that’s more important because it’s the ‘why am I doing this’ that drives what you do. However it’s often an unconscious choice.

When we have a result that we don’t want, we can often look at the actions, analyse them and make a decision to either never do that again, or to change what we are doing in the hope of getting a different outcome.

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Time passes and unconsciously we go back to our default behaviour. At this point we probably “beat ourselves up” for not being driven and disciplined enough to stay with the plan we made.

But it is not our fault. Our brains didn’t arrive with a manual. We were not taught the process of change explicitly. For many of us it’s been an unconscious and therefore not easily repeatable process to learn how change is created.

Here are a few tips for identifying something that’s not working and generating a process of change:

1. Identifying the action source

Step back and ask yourself “What action of mine, created this outcome?”.

2. Identify the emotional source

Once you have a clear answer go back another step and continue your questioning. “What feeling (emotion) did I have at that moment, the emotion that created my action?” Remember your body is not a robot, it will needs instruction from the mind in order to execute an action that delivers a result.

3. Identify the thought source

The final question is “What thought was I thinking, that created the feeling, that created the action, that gave me the result that I have?”

Through this simple three step process you have made conscious the simple pathway towards change:

The thought that generates the emotion that then nudges the action.

So although your end result will create an emotion as well, it is useful to also realise that the pathway for all actions is THOUGHT —EMOTION —- ACTION

Until we make the initial thought conscious the end emotion and action are often all we are aware of.

Change your thinking and you will change your outcome.

Living more consciously in this way helps us to focus on the “why are we doing what we are doing”, and in turn shapes the what we do in a conscious and positive way.

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