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By June 29, 2015Newsletters

The powerful earthquakes that affected Nepal in May this year have been a serious set-back for education in this poor Himalayan nation. But the good news is that your school can play its part in the recovery process that is now underway.

Many of you will know that Vision for Learning’s managing director Will Thomas is a trustee of the development and education charity Manisha UK. The charity works in Nepal to improve educational prospects for disadvantaged children and has already built or rebuilt several schools across the country, as well as carrying out a range of other projects.


Two devastating earthquakes
Sadly, Nepal has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently due to the devastating earthquakes that hit the country in May, killing thousands of people and causing terrible damage to buildings and infrastructure in what is already a very poor country.

The Nepalese are a proud, resourceful and optimistic people and since the dreadful events of May Manisha UK has been working to support the recovering of the country by carrying out a lot of work to assess the extent and seriousness of the damage. The charity has also been helping to support its partners based in the country with their essential work.

It has emerged that six of the nine schools that are linked to Manisha UK were damaged in the earthquakes, with three needing urgent work before they can be used safely again.

This rebuilding work is currently on hold for three months, as the rainy season has just started in Nepal. This has allowed a period of intense fundraising to take place so that priority repairs can begin September.

In addition to the costs of rebuilding there are many other things that need to be done to help the thousands of families affected by the earthquake rebuild their lives.

Playing your part in the recovery
Manisha UK is a fantastic cause to support through fundraising activities in your school, and in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquakes a special initiative is being launched called ‘The Everest Challenge’.

The aim is to raise funds for the charity by carrying out an activity that is linked to the height of the world’s highest mountain, which stands at 8,848 metres. Examples of ventures that could be taken on by schools include:

Rowing the 8,848 metres in a gym on a rowing machine

Laying a line of 8,848 pennies (or 10p pieces!) on the school field

A sponsored walk, skip or jog involving 8,848 paces

A geography quiz for family teams, where the teams have to answer questions with a maximum points total of 8,848 available

A poetry workshop and performance where students are challenged to write a total of 8,848 lines of poetry and then perform a selection to a paying audience.

Remember that even comparatively small sums of money can make a big difference in Nepal, and the more schools that get involved the more the charity can do to improve the quality of people’s lives in Nepal and the education prospects of Nepalese children.

If you’d like to stage a fundraising event in your school and want to find out more about how the process works, please contact Sue Hearne, Fundraising Manager through the website below. She will be able to help you with further information and an idea of how money raised will be spent.

You can learn more about the work of Manisha UK here: