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Even if you have kids and they’re running around your feet in the summer holiday period, there is still a lovely freedom to the month of August. Come the autumn term though, finding time for you, when the pressure is on at school can be a real challenge. More than that, maybe 2015/16 is the year you’ve decided there is something you’ve been putting off. Something in your life you want to grow and nurture, or something you wish to stop and move on from.

If you find that that you get momentum from others, and in particular from working with others in a situation where you are away from all that is familiar. A space where you can think clearly and be with like minded people, then you might consider taking a retreat.

There are all manner of retreats available these days. “The Good Retreat Guide” is a great book with all manner of spiritual retreats. These are often held in silence, to allow you to be with yourself fully.

However for some of us, a retreat which provides a variety of stimuli and the chance to learn some new skills at the same time might be exactly what you are seeking. Particularly if you have rare occasions where people will really listen to your challenges or your great ideas.

This academic year (dates to be confirmed) I am running a series of retreats in a beautiful location in Worcestershire, at a converted Mill, set in acres of unspoiled countryside, with alpaca in the fields and with stunning accommodation and food.

Each retreat weekend will be based around a proven framework for evaluating your life and involve learning new skills, including deepening your mindfulness practice, learning Emotional Freedom Technique and using creative media to understand and formulate your ideas for a development or change you would like to make in your life.

It’s also a brilliant way to heal and recover from a period of change that has perhaps left you a little bit bruised.

There are no more than six people on each course and you will get to explore whatever you need to look at, well away from the pressures of your everyday life. You’ll do this in a beautiful haven, with lovely people, and a highly experienced coach to support your journey.

If you think you might be interested to attend one of these retreats, please let me know by sending me an email: