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Simon Percival – Coach and Trainer

By August 5, 2009People
Simon Percival

Simon Percival

As a coach, Simon’s first client was a young man who had constantly confounded those around him with his apparent inability to fulfill his ‘obvious potential’. Some challenging questions, honest answers, clear goals and a systematic action plan soon saw this individual achieving all he had set his sights on. Many years after he had coached himself to this series of successes, Simon became a qualified coach, intent on helping others harness their own inner resourcefulness for positive, affirming and exciting results.

Simon now runs a private practice based in the north of England, specialising in professional development and career coaching. As a former teacher in institutions as diverse as secondary schools, sixth forms, English language schools, adult education and prisons, he naturally has a particular interest in learning and those who enable it.

As well as being an accomplished coach, Simon is a popular presenter and facilitator of courses designed to help schools develop more ‘thinking-ful’ and creative lessons that take account of the learning needs of students. His work with the students themselves focuses on their attitudes and skills for learning.

Simon’s publications include Thinking for Learning (co-authored with Mel Rockett) and The Practical Guide to Revision Techniques.

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