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Sierra Leone Teacher Training

By June 14, 2016Uncategorized

During February Will Thomas from Vision for Learning and other colleagues from The Steve Sinnott Foundation Education Team embarked on the second teacher training programme for teachers and teacher trainers from Sierra Leone.  The project has been funded by a major financial organisation and saw 12 teachers from the country come to London for two weeks.

Sierra Leone900The feedback from the teachers and teacher trainers was brilliant. AS trainers we loved every second of the time we had with them.  Civil war, HIV, Ebola and significant poverty-related hardships are so much a part of the experiences of teachers and learners alike.  It was a privilege to work with them.  They loved the training on Accelerated Learning and Self Esteem development for students and then saw it in practice in schools around the country before coming back to London to look at teacher training/CPD approaches.

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