Resilience in an Era of Relentless Change

This programme is a flexible approach to supporting individuals and teams to develop the essential quality of resilience in the face of unprecedented change in the education sector.

The programme can be tailored to suit the needs of individuals or teams.

What you will learn:

  • All programmes whether one to one or in groups explore the following issues:
  • What creates resilience.  What your current strengths are.
  • The overwhelming research evidence for actively managing resilience
  • What mindfulness and self-compassion are.  How a secular mindfulness practice can bolster self-esteem, self-worth and resilience.
  • Tools, approaches and strategies for resilience in the face of challenging work-life issues
  • Developing an action plan for self-supported resilience practice and for organisational approaches to supporting resilience.

This general programme can be accessed in the following ways:

One to one Coaching to support individuals needing to develop great resilience  –  one to one coaching sessions which cover individual needs and also mindfulness and relaxation, self-management and organisation strategy

Resilience for teams through a flexible series of sessions from half a day to several days of  programme, to support teams to develop better resilience in the face of change

Resilience through mindfulness and self compassion:  based on the 8 week mindfulness for stress programmes championed by the NHS and numerous research centres, this is a specialised programme designed to help teachers and leaders to develop the skills of mindfulness to support them to be more resilient. Either takes the form of 8 x 1.5 hour sessions or 4 x 3 hour sessions.