Learn Relaxation and Mindfulness Techniques for a calmer, clearer mind

A one-day introduction to relaxation and mindfulness for personal and professional use

With Will Thomas,

Professional Life Coach, Teacher of Mindfulness, Award-winning Author

This programme focuses primarily on helping you to develop your resilience through the learning of relaxation and mindfulness techniques. It’s designed to introduce you to a range of practical, down to earth ways you can manage your own levels of stress. It will help you learn approaches to reduce feelings of conflict, guilt, frustration, anger and anxiety that can arise from your work and home life. It is designed to teach you techniques but also enable you to work on goals for yourself. The techniques that you learn can also be of use to others and be shared with friends, colleagues and others you work with.

Why learn relaxation and mindfulness?

  • Mindfulness is a set of practices which aim to calm and still the mind, and although they have been around for thousands of years, have been recently proven scientifically to have tremendous health and well-being benefits as well as improving the performance of people at work.
  • The course plots a path to developing the personal skills of self management, but which also provides approaches to sharing the approaches with colleagues, children, friends and family
  • The approaches of self-relaxation and mindfulness can help you reduce negative feelings and overcome resistance to changing things in your life that are not working, and build your resilience.

What will I learn?

  • How to build a relationship between your conscious and unconscious mind
  • How to use ideomotor signals for self-insight and to reduce inner feelings of conflict
  • What mindfulness is and how to use simple mindfulness techniques to help you relax and deal with challenges more readily and easily
  • A range of really practical, immediately useful approaches to build your personal resilience and support others to do the same.

How does it work?

  • Mindfulness and relaxation techniques work by creating a relationship with the unconscious mind that taps into our deepest motivations
  • It wakes up the latent potential of parts of our thinking and consciousness that we readily ignore in our day to day business
  • The course demystifies mindfulness, self-hypnosis and relaxation approaches and debunks many of the myths and legends surrounding them
  • The course is designed and run in an inspiring and highly engaging and practical way based on sound principles of learning

Who is the course leader?

Will Thomas leads the day and is well-known for his engaging, inspiring and very practical training. He’s well-renowned trainer of coaching, self- development and leadership skills with award-winning and best-selling books in the field. He’s also a teacher of mindfulness, NLP Master Practitioner and EFT Practitioner, and he  brings humour into his courses at every turn.

What if I attend?

  • You will learn self-hypnosis and basic mindfulness techniques to assist you to relax and calm your mind whenever you wish
  • You’ll experience a range of different approaches to relaxing and dealing with the emotions triggered by excessive pressures
  • You will learn skills that will allow you to manage and resolve inner conflict more readily and reduce feelings of guilt, anger, hurt, fear and sadness and inner conflicts
  • You will laugh, enjoy yourself and be inspired by the programme.


Tuition fees for the day:

£79 + VAT

How to book: Email info@visionforlearning.co.uk and reserve a place now.