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Professional Coaching

By August 7, 2009Coaching and NLP

Why book professional coaching sessions?
Professional coaching gives you individual support to achieve your professional goals. Helping you to understand how you can perform to your peak and how you can influence others around you to do the same is at the heart of coaching. If you have the feeling that you could improve an aspect or aspects of your work and career then coaching is for you.

What will I gain from coaching?

You will:

Increase self understanding
Develop your work-based skills
Be able to gain highly individualised approaches to challenges
Improve your effectiveness in a range of areas including
People skills
Personal productivity
Work-life balance and time management
Career progression/business development
Dealing with challenging people or situations
Deal with negative emotions that constrain you

How is coaching structured?
Coaching is structured according to your needs. Your coach will identify with you what you main goals are and develop a programme which will include specific activities to gain insight, techniques and approaches to overcoming challenges and challenging questions to support you. Your coach is there to assist you through helping you to understand what’s working and what is not working and how to enhance your performance. He/she will ask you questions to enable you to work through any limiting thinking you have and provide you with an even wider range of options than you may have considered.

Who will coach me?
We have a number of highly experienced coaches all of whom are qualified. We’ll help you to work with a coach that suits your needs and aspirations.

What if I get a coach?
If you get a coach, you are beginning a fascinating and inspiring journey towards greater effectiveness. Sometimes we can fall into the rut of believing that all we can currently see is all that there is. Coaching helps you move way beyond your current perception of what you could achieve and supports you to find the path to achieve your aspirations. Your coach is your partner for change.

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