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Remarkable and Simple Self-Organising: Brilliant productivity App

By December 12, 2017December 15th, 2017Uncategorized

iPhone and Android users have a treat in store if they want to move from a paper-based organization and productivity system to an electronic one.

If you haven’t already read the article Why Traditional To-Do Lists Don’t Work then this article makes even more sense if you read that first.

GTDFaster is a free and efficient solution to transferring your To-Do lists to the Getting Things Done system for high productivity working and living.  More than this,  it’s a way to free up more time for you  and your friends and family too.

The  layout of the app allows you to log your next actions, delegated tasks, all your projects, your Some Day great ideas and a place to store your references and what it calls your Not To-Do’s which are the habits and practices you want to move away from doing.

A really helpful function of this App is the  Collect Feature, which allows you to quickly record and hold any actions or notes you need to take during the day, so that even if you are on the hoof and can’t feed actions and projects into the right place you can keep them in a holding bay called Process,  until you can sort them into the system.  This means you won’t forget them.

Additionally it allows you ascribe a date and reminder to any item you add to your lists, and you can quickly access the Due date lists for the day, for the next day and anything you have missed in a past due date tab.

I’ve been using this app really successfully now for about  a year. It’s superb.  There is only one word of caution.  It offers a device-syncing function. This allows you to synchronise your lists across devices via a Cloud space.  This does work brilliantly, HOWEVER, if you are going to do this, you need to make that decision before you input any data.

This is because when you set up the synch function for the first time, any data in one of your devices, will be erased.  After this set-up phase, it works beautifully.  So here’s the drill:  set up the app on each device. Choose to synch (if that’s what you want to do). Then input your lists.

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