Welcome to the 2016  March/April Journal.


Teaching and Learning Tools

Teaching and Learning Tools – 5 Teaching activities from Best and Thomas (2008) Creative Teaching and Learning resource Book

Here are a few great activities from the 100 Creative activities for your lessons.  More in the next issue too.

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The wonders of walking

In a time when the summer holiday’s are but  a few weeks away, here’s a great article on walking and it’s benefits to health and well being. There are particular benefits for our own health, for digital detoxing and for children with ADHD

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Sierra Leone Teacher Training



During February Will Thomas from Vision for Learning and other colleagues from The Steve Sinnott Foundation Education Team embarked on the second teacher training programme for teachers and teacher trainers from Sierra Leone.  The project has been funded by a major financial organisation and saw 12 teachers from the country come to London for two weeks.