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Balancing Change – A great tool for balanced decisions

I don’t know about you, but the holiday period often liberates a kind of utopian view of the up-coming school term for me. I find myself saying that I will change X or Y and expect that as a result this will lead to some Click here to read more….

Difficult People in Coaching Situations

It can be very uncomfortable working with people who are verbally aggressive. This short article helps you with some ideas on how to take the sting out of the aggressive behavior and begin to negotiate a Click here to read more….

Time for You – Time for Change

Even if you have kids and they’re running around your feet in the summer holiday period, there is still a lovely freedom to the month of August. Come the autumn term though, finding time for you, when the pressure is on at school can be a real challenge. More than that, maybe 2015/16 is the year you’ve decided there is something you’ve Click here to read more….