Welcome to the start of 2016 Journal. This year we are moving to a half termly model of Journals plus occasional bulletins for important updates.


Average Child

A thought provoking poem

In these times of focus on grades and in particular grade thresholds, some children get left out.  This poem by Mike Buscemi is food for thought.

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How Mindfulness can help grow resilience and ease stress

With teacher stress at an all time high and mental health amongst education professionals so much in the news, here’s a great article from The Guardian about Mindfulness and how it can help grow resilience and ease stress.

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Thought Provokers for Coaches and mentors


Michael Neil the renowned US Coach and NLP expert suggests that effective coaching has a formula.  So I was intrigued by this.

His formula is

Focussed intention /Time x Understanding Human Experience = Creative flow of results