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Welcome to the latest and Christmas edition of Vision.



In this journal we are looking into some of the key ways that productivity can be improved in your professional (and personal) practice.

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This issue’s articles…

Three articles with some awesome approaches to workload, organization and productivity.  Whether you are a leader, a teacher,  a TA or just a very busy person, this is worth a read……..

  1. Why traditional to-do lists don’t work! … get superior organising power now!
  2. Remarkable and Simple Self-Organising: Brilliant productivity App
  3. Find anything in 5 seconds! Immediately store and retrieve anything

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Why traditional to-do lists don’t work! and how to create lists that do.

Productivity expert, David Allen, says that traditional To-Do lists don’t work.  Ever noticed how you can read down your list and your mind wanders off?  We can look at a list and as we meet some items we think “I can do that” or I can fit that into the 5 minutes I have at 11.10”.  Yet some items on our lists have our minds spin into overdrive…”

…”OMG that’s such a huge thing, I haven’t even begun to think how I will tackle that”. You start to worry about it and at the same time move on and do nothing about it. This is a classic procrastination habit.

It’s a very simple trigger that’s happening in those situations.

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Getting things done with this brilliant productivity app: 

iPhone and Android users have a treat in store if they want to move from a paper-based organization and productivity system to an electronic one.

If you haven’t already read the article Why Traditional To-Do Lists Don’t Work  then this article makes even more sense if you read that first.

GTDFaster is a free and efficient solution to transferring your To-Do lists to the Getting Things Done system for high productivity working and living.  More than this,  it’s a way to free up more time for you  and your friends and family too.

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Find anything in 5 seconds! Information storage and retrieval for 21st century

Do you struggle to find notes from meetings? Or catch and retrieve interesting information, articles and ideas from all the different channels of information you absorb? Do you want to quickly retrieve anything in 5 seconds? 

Evernote is the perfect solution to your information storage and retrieval.

A few years back I was struggling to deal with all of the research information I was gathering for my writing and training projects.

Paper was building up and referencing and finding what I needed was turning into a nightmare.  Then I started using Evernote.

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