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Article 1: Minimalism and overcoming decision paralysis.

Article 2: Mindfulness for coaches – taming an over active mind

Article 3: Ideal Climate for Learning – a student questionnaire.

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Minimalism, overcoming decision-paralysis

Does your life feel over complicated and cluttered? I didn’t even realize mine did until I moved house recently.

For around about 12 months now I have been in the process of moving home. First moving out of my old home into a temporary location then into my new home this last week. In the interim period, I put most of my belongings into storage with a removal company. So for a period of about 8 months I was living with the bare minimum of possessions.

At the time I was about to move to my temporary location I began reading and watching material on minimalism. I’m now hooked!

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Mindfulness for Coaches – taming an over active mind

Ever found that your mind won’t switch off? Does your own thinking get in the way of your own progress or sleep? Do you sometimes struggle to listen with out judgment because you’re brain wont quiet down?

If you answered yes to these questions you might benefit from some mindfulness practice.

Imagine sitting in traffic in your car, stop start, stop start. Constantly having to attend to the movement in front of you and then the stopping again. Imagine the emotions that you feel whilst you are waiting in line, a slave to the congestion and the whims of others.

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Candle Mindfulness Technique

Be sure to do this safely – you are responsible for your own safe movement. Never leave a lit candle unattended.

Light a candle
Dim the lights around you
Sit 2-3 metres from the candle
Get comfortable, sitting upright, with feet on the floor.

Focus your gaze on the candle and then soften your vision.

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