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VISION Journal: Issue 1

Welcome to the Vision Journal for April.

Hi Everyone


This month’s edition has been slightly delayed as I’ve been working on some really exciting developments. Alongside our monthly articles, is a call to all coaches who have an interest in training others to coach. I’m looking for trainers to help get high quality coaching into every school in the country.

Enjoy the Journal and have a great long weekend.

Will Thomas



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Limiting beliefs often prevent people from working through their issues, providing blocks to development and growth. This article provides you with tools to help people unlock these unhelpful beliefs.

One of the key challenges that people who are taking part in coaching need to overcome is to let go of their limiting beliefs – the unhelpful and usually inaccurate beliefs that often prevent them from making progress with troublesome issues in their lives. However, the more a limiting belief is questioned the more its power is weakened so that eventually it looses its grip on the coachee.

Meta-model linguistic patterns is a fancy term for the language that can be used to help people re-evaluate their limiting beliefs. It can be used in response to three main language categories.

Statements by coachees that distort the truth of situations.

They include:
Mind-reads – statements that ‘read the thoughts’ of another person, rather than relying on facts.
Lost performative – statements that have no ownership.
Cause and effect – statements that incorrectly link one action to another in a causal way.
Complex equivalent – statements that inaccurately make one action equal to another.

Statements by coachees that generalize without appropriate evidence.

They include:
Universal quantifiers – statements that create sweeping generalizations.
Modal operators of necessity and possibility – statements that imply compulsion or lack of choice.

Statements by coachees that leave vital details out.

They include: Click here to read more….



Resilience is the ability of an individual to respond to life’s challenges with positivity and fullness of spirit – thereby rising above them with comparative ease. These challenges may be in the form of work-related or personal stress, or adversity such as relationship difficulties, health issues or other problems.

Everyone of us is already equipped with some level of resilience – and we also have the ability to develop our resilience to make us more robust as we navigate through life. Resilience can, therefore, be considered a process rather than a personal trait that is either Click here to read on…