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Native American Coaching  – an innovative tool

By March 22, 2017March 24th, 2017Uncategorized

A Practical Coaching Tool  From  The Native American Tradition

With Native Americans in the headlines again with the Dakota Oil Pipeline dispute,  a news article triggered the inclusion of this coaching tool based on the American Indian tradition. It stems from the importance of custodianship in the Native American Tradition.  Human change and change in nature go had in hand when custodianship is your foundation.  The rich metaphorical tradition of land, elemental forces and the living world, provides ways of using nature to reflect on our own patterns, behaviours, and desires.

This coaching tool is a great one to share with young people, offering  a simple metaphor for self coaching or using in groups as a framework for discussions about improving behaviour, homework, learning skills, and more.

Equally it can be a refreshing way into solving a problem in an adult team or with a colleague (or even a challenged teen at home!).  A forthcoming assembly focus?

Here’s the graphic for  the tool and you can click the link below for a full explanation, and some further suggestions for use.

CLICK HERE for the full tool with introduction and coaching question bank for you to use with students

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