Ever found that your mind won’t switch off? Does your own thinking get in the way of your own progress or sleep? Do you sometimes struggle to listen with out judgment because you’re brain wont quiet down?


If you answered yes to these questions you might benefit from some mindfulness practice.

Imagine sitting in traffic in your car, stop start, stop start. Constantly having to attend to the movement in front of you and then the stopping again. Imagine the emotions that you feel whilst you are waiting in line, a slave to the congestion and the whims of others.

Now step back from that and imagine sitting on a bank by the side of the road, watching the traffic going by. You’re no longer affected by the traffic, you are simply the conscious observer of the events.

Your thoughts are much like this traffic. For most of the time we are very caught up in our thoughts and the subsequent emotions they trigger. And without realizing it we become carried along in the thought traffic.

Mindfulness is a way of being an observer of your thoughts more of the time. Like watching the traffic. As you learn to observe rather than drive within your thoughts, your world becomes calmer, and more aware.

As a professional coach, teacher, mentor or leader, you’ll know the importance of being able to attain objectivity in situations with staff, parents and students.

Below is a simple mindfulness technique you can try at home. And if you’d like more support learning mindfulness…..

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