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Looking Ahead to the New Parliament – Three little questions to keep our hopes alive

By June 1, 2015Uncategorized

The next five years provide the opportunity to gain a wider range of views on where we are heading with education in this country.

The new government has set out it’s store in the recent Queen’s Speech. Education will surely be a key focus area for the next five years, as the next round of school reforms are rolled out.

teachingDebate about education issues – and the kind of changes that governments, teachers and parents want to implement – can be very polarised. Here at Vision for Learning we hope that during the next parliament a better balance can be struck between positive and negative reporting on education issues. It’s certainly seemed very negative in the press in recent years.

You may or may not be happy with the election result. But the result is in and the focus does now seem clear.

Hope is a pretty important ingredient in any school. Leaders can implicitly communicate their inner state of hope or hopelessness through their body language, actions and overall demeanour.

Leading from an attitude of hope is arguably key to successful outcomes and to maintaining the general levels of motivation and commitment required of colleagues and children.
So at times when the political impact on schools may not be all that you desire, three questions can serve to sort the wheat from the chaff and turn fear and dejection into hope and potential.

I call these questions THE SERENITY QUESTIONS after “the serenity prayer”.
In my current working environment:

What can I change?
What can I influence others to change?
What might I need to graciously accept, let go of and move on from? ( because it cannot be changed right now)
So I’ll leave you to ponder these for yourself. But who else might benefit from these questions? Maybe you can share this link and spread some more hope for a person near you.

© Will Thomas THE SERENITY QUESTIONS for coaches