Middle and senior leaders are expected to be way more than curriculum specialists or year heads.  In this day an age they manage complex systems of resources and people where they are often sandwiched between the expectations of their line managers and those they manage.

Expectations are huge and multi-step tasks fill their to-do lists.

This one-day course provides a robust system for managing your workload, planning projects and multi-step tasks and handling the process of delegation and influencing others.

The programme teaches a highly effective 5-part process for managing your workload and freeing your head from the clutter of minutiae so you can be strategic, creative and in control.

Attend this programme because:

  • You are a middle leader who wants to be more in control of your task list and be able to lead as well as manage
  • You want to have a clear mind to keep your sights on strategic direction and inspiring your team
  • You want to have a simple, robust system for collecting and actioning everything that comes into your workload pile
  • You want to keep on top of emails, in-tray, calls, paper and conversations
  • You want to be able to delegate successfully
  • You want to empower and influence colleagues to develop their skills and see the bigger picture
  • You want a flexible and effective system for planning multi-step projects and new initiatives and delivering them on time
  • You want to further develop your rapport-building and influencing skills to get the best out of your team

What will I learn?

  • How and why “to do” lists don’t work
  • How to set up an effective personal management system for your home and work life and why this is important
  • How to prioritise effectively
  • How to never forget anything you need to do ever again
  • The golden rules of dealing with the “stuff” that comes to you everyday
  • How to ruthlessly prioritise!
  • LVT –Logo-visual thinking, a brilliantly simple project/multi-step task planning tool
  • What makes people tick, and why some people respond differently to others around delegated tasks
  • Emotionally intelligent strategies for difficult conversations
  • The Secrets of rapport-building through non-verbal and verbal skills

Who is the trainer?

Will Thomas is a performance coach who works with leaders and sports people.  He is the award-winning and best-selling author of The Managing Workload Pocketbook.  His training is highly engaging and experiential and offers practical approaches to improve your productivity.

He has 22 years experience as a teacher, coach, researcher and writer, working in education and commercial leadership. Training by Will is often described as inspirational and empowering.

What if I attend?

You will learn highly effective approaches to being ultra effective and ultra efficient. You will get skills and tools that will serve you your whole career.

Attending this course will give you approaches to keeping work and home life delineated. Following the strategies puts you in control of your inbox and creates headspace for strategic thinking and using your creative and problem-solving abilities to the maximum.  This course is about delivering high quality results in school, and it’s also about making sure you are refreshed recuperated and ready for the next day.  Imagine feeling in control of your workload, delivering on expectations and having a head free from worries. That is where this course can help you arrive.