Using Gavin Kewley’s innovative, simple and effective EASE model of learning and teaching, this programme provides the very best of brain-based and personalised learning.

Personalising Learning with EASE is a cutting edge, highly engaging and experiential programme for teachers and leaders of learning.

Why attend?

The EASE programme provides a simple, easily communicated and robust structure for developing learning and teaching quality in classrooms and across schools and colleges.

With a proven track record in primary, secondary and FE settings, this programme will provide colleagues with a framework, endless strategies and a language for discussing and improving learning opportunities.

What will I learn?

You will learn:

  • How to use the easy-to-grasp EASE model for structuring learning opportunities
  • How to create innovative, engaging and effective learning experiences which work in any subject or topic area
  • How to engage and direct learners towards learning and away from unhelpful behaviours
  • How to build the self esteem and confidence of learners
  • How to differentiate for the wide needs of learners in 21st Century
  • How to apply the learning directly into your setting through an action research project

Who are the trainers?

The trainers are Will Thomas and Gavin Kewley.  Between them they have 50 years of experience in education developing teacher and leaders towards effective practice.  Will is the award-winning and best-selling author of 14 books in the education sector and Gavin is  a national leader in working with challenging young people in classroom and outdoor settings.  Between them they provide a challenging, engaging and brilliantly enjoyable learning environment filled with cutting edge tools, deep learning and lots of laughter.

What if I attend ?

Building this course into your professional development will literally transform your practice and your school/college.  This is THE programme you have been looking for to engage and re-engage yourself and your colleagues.  You will go away with hundreds of great ideas and a clear, simple and robust framework for classroom practice and for building a learning culture where classrooms, staff rooms, corridors and car parks are bursting with the buzz of lifelong learning.

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