Will Thomas and Brin Best offer a one day programme to develop the skills and knowledge of teachers and leaders in using creative approaches to:

  • teaching
  • learning
  • developing the creative capacity of learners to problem solve and innovate

Why attend this programme?

Creativity is crucial to the development of cutting edge responses to the challenges of business, education and life.

Without the ability to think critically and creatively, learners and teachers remain trapped in old patterns and old responses to difficulties.

Packed with relevant and tested frameworks and stacks of ready to use strategies and tools this is an absolutely invaluable course with best-selling and award-winning authors of The Creative teaching and learning Toolkit and companion resource book. The programme will take you from old patterns to new solutions and behaviours that get results.

What will you learn?

You will learn:

  • What is creativity and innovation and why is it so critical to the development of teachers and learners?
  • How can we encourage teacher creativity in the service of highly effective lessons?
  • How can learners be encouraged to think creatively to develop solutions to problems of learning, subject specific skills and life?
  • Ready-made tools and strategies you can use TODAY
  • About the robust “Effective Learning and Teaching Framework” which structures easily and effortlessly all of your thinking and planning on teaching and leading learning in your classroom and school.


How is the course run?

The course is run by two very experienced, dynamic and interesting presenters.  The style is engaging and energising, whilst retaining a strong link to proven methods and robust academic reference.  Highly motivating and activity centred, this programme will help you reflect and review current practice and further build your vision for your classroom and school. You will take away dozens of “use-today” tools and strategies.

Who is the course for?

Classroom practitioners, including teachers and TA’s will gain hugely from attending as will curriculum leaders and other senior colleagues entrusted with the leading of learning across the organisation.

Who are the course leaders?

Brin Best and Will Thomas have, between them over 40 years of experience in teaching, leading teachers and research and innovation in the education sector.  They are well known for their rigorous and engaging presentations and trainings and provide highly thought-provoking learning opportunities.  They are award-winning and best-selling authors in the fields of coaching, learning and creativity. Between them have contributed over 35 publications to the world of  education.

They are passionate about learning and building the skills and knowledge of young people and their teachers and leaders.

What if I attend?

If you attend this programme you will be enriched and positively challenged, engaged and motivated, through an active and realistic learning style.

You will go away with a robust framework for learning and teaching and literally hundreds of strategies for encouraging learning, creative thinking, problems solving and leading learning.

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