The IEC working in association The University of Worcester

Coach Mark is the gold standard in recognising coaching cultures and practices in education organisations.

To attain Coach Mark a series of criteria must be met under the following headings.

These criteria headings were arrived at via a research study carried out in West Sussex. The study asked the question:  What makes Coaching successful as a vehicle for CPD and classroom excellence

The Critera Headings:

1.  Purpose:  the purpose of coaching in the school is clear and understood by all staff and students

2. Values and Principles: there are clear principles for coaching and mentoring practice which enshrine a non-judgmental and non-critical approach to CPD and which build on the strengths of colleagues and learners and which empower them to excel. The values of the coaching approach are explicit and understood by all and they are embedded in THE WAY that coaching is practiced in the school

3.Vision: The organisation has a clear and articulated vision for the continuing support and developing of coaching as a method of encouraging CPD and personal development for all.

4. Working Agreements:  There are organisational level and individual level agreements about the way that coaching is conducted and there are protocols to address deviations from agreed practices.

5. Time and place:  the organisation has made available time and appropriate settings for coaching to take place so that it has impact

6.  Impact measurement:  the organisation measures the impact of coaching through recognised impact measurement approaches and makes adjustments to approach to ensure that there is a positive impact on school effectiveness as a result of investing in coaching.

7. Adopted models of practice:  there are adopted models of practice common throughout the organisation for example STRIDE or S-GROW are used

8. On going Excellence in Coaching: there is a regular commitment and approach to ensuring that the quality of coaching grows throughout all members of the school community.