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This article explains the benefits that the technique of mindfulness can bring you in your role as a leader in your school

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a proven meditation technique that can help you restore balance in your personal life, thereby providing you with the resources to become more effective plans in your professional domain. A core feature of mindfulness is the principle that we can derive many benefits by learning to ‘live in the moment’. Many people are finding that mindfulness is an effective tool for managing stress and boosting productivity, in particular by helping them have increased focus and clarity in their work, enabling them to become better leaders. Mindfulness has also been shown to promote well-being and improve quality of life for those that practise it.

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How can it reduce stress levels?

Mindfulness can help reduce stress levels by providing you with practical tools for letting go of negative, distracting or judgemental thoughts, enabling you to achieve greater happiness and contentment. By helping you to be more focussed in your day-to-day work, mindfulness can enable you to make more effective decisions which will in-turn result in a more stress-free working climate.

How can it benefit leaders in schools?

Leaders within schools have extremely demanding roles, which can often lead to unsustainable levels of stress unless proactive measures – such as mindfulness – are taken to manage the situation. Because leaders in schools are responsible for so many vital decisions, it could be argued that they need to do everything they can to help provide the clarity of thought required for effective decision-making.

What can you do next?

  • Develop a daily habit of quiet time where you “observe” your thoughts coming and going in your mind, taking care to botice them and then allow them to pass, rather than giving emotional investment in them.
  • Read the brilliant book Relaxation for dummies
  • Consider the weekend retreat programme to learn mindfulness practice and lots, lots more.

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