Book and Glasses  Please find below list of articles from our previous Journal’s, we hope you enjoy them. If you need any further information about any of the topic’s covered please use our contact us form and get in touch!


March 2015 Issue

1.Coaching Graphs – The Complex Made Simple
2.500 More Hours per year?
3.Coaching Boundaries

February 2015 Issue

1. De-stress for success and personal energy

2. Tales from a coaching school

3. Confidence for kids – a great classroom tool you can use tomorrow

January 2015 Issue

1. Is your resilience waning already? 6 tips for feeling stronger

2. More meddling by government? The governments latest crazy plan for teaching?

3. Promoting independent thinking in class.

December 2014 Issue

  1. Love and fear in the land of learning, why leadership styles have to change in schools
  2. Thinking skills for kids – a cracking tool
  3. An unusual classroom visitor: A true story from a Yorkshire classroom 

November 2014 Issue

  • NLP TOOL FOR SCHOOLS – Shift your perspective with this great NLP change process– this great conflict resolution tool is here for you to download and use with colleagues, students or yourself LINK
  •  IDEAS COMPASS TOOL –  Use this coaching tool to generate creative new solutions and ideas with self, colleagues and young people LINK
  • READINESS-TO-LEARN – guest writer Richard Lindo explains his Emotional Intelligence Development Model and offers you a free trial for his software that helps you develop the emotional literacy of your students and colleagues to even higher levels.INK

October 2014 Issue

  • Mindfulness techniques:  gratefulness:  more insight into mindfulness and  a specific focus on gratefulness as tool for greater emotional and mental well-being, excellent for teachers and young people – click here for more information.
  • What can we learn from the international education scene? What other nation’s education systems can teach us, and what we can celebrate about our own click here for more information
  • Managing Challenging Conversations at work – insights into the psychology of difficult interactions and how conducting better conversations all begins with ourselves – click here for more information

September 2014 Issue

July 2014 Issue

June 2014 Issue

May 2014 Issue

  • Training Adults in Schools and Colleges: How to build trust and confidence when running face-to-face training. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
  • A FREE Advanced Coaching Skills Tool included in this edition, and it’s a cracking way to build confidence and resilience in your students and your colleagues. CLICK HERE
  • ‘Squaring the Triangle’ – an article that considers the tensions between Accountability, Support and Challenge in your role. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE