What we are here for:
We aim to make available the most effective professional and personal change experiences in a lively, engaging and enjoyable style. We are committed to promoting the highest quality learning, wellbeing, interdependence and sustainability. We seek to make a positive difference to individual learners, organisations and the environment both effectively and sustainably.

Our work:
We believe that learning is a personal and an interpersonal experience.

That’s why:

• We seek to create a relaxed environment in which to learn. On our face-to-face courses we will usually ask you to collaboratively define an agreement for working together
• We encourage constructive engagement from all of our delegates
• We have no more than 24 people on any one face to face course*
• We carefully structure our training to enable you to get the best out of it
• Our courses often last more than one day, to allow you to settle in and get to know people, and to ask your questions. We want you to ask questions throughout and provide space and time to do this
• We may ask you to carry out pre-reading to be fully ready for the courses
• We offer post-training coaching to support you in embedding your learning

We believe that people are our greatest asset and hope for the future. They are a source of positive change. We believe that community lies at the heart of happiness, effectiveness and sustainability.

*except for accreditation seminars where for practical reasons groups may be larger.