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Find anything in 5 seconds! Immediately store and retrieve anything

By December 12, 2017December 15th, 2017Uncategorized

Do you struggle to find notes from meetings? Or catch and retrieve interesting information, articles and ideas from all the different channels of information you absorb? Do you want to quickly retrieve anything in 5 seconds?

Evernote is the perfect solution to your information storage and retrieval.

A few years back I was struggling to deal with all of the research information I was gathering for my writing and training projects.

Paper was building up and referencing and finding what I needed was turning into a nightmare.  Then I started using Evernote.

Capture Anything Quickly with Evernote

Now it’s the way I capture and retrieve all of the following:

  • Notes on meetings
  • Speeches and teaching notes
  • Major project notes
  • Useful research sources
  • All the research I gather for book projects, and training courses
  • Household and business bills and renewals
  • Lists of films and podcasts I would like to experience
  • Photos from events
  • Handwritten meeting notes which Evernote can recognize and search as if you had typed them in!
  • Web pages
  • And much more

Evernote is packed with invaluable features

Here are some of the brilliant features:

  • Type notes directly into evernote
  • Record notes from dictations (voice to text)
  • Store photos eg of student work/trainings eg from flipcharts or books
  • Evernote recognizes text in a photo and this means the content of a photo is searchable and retrievable
  • Web clipper tool allows you to select info from a web page and save it
  • Add tags to any note you enter into Evernote so you can use the search function to almost instantly retrieve your data
  • Set up reminders
  • Generate tick lists which you can check off as you complete things
  • Create custom notebooks to keep all your records in sensible files
  • Send emails directly into an Evernote inbox so you can link emails to notes about them too

Retrieve information effortlessly and fast

Once you have set up the workbooks you wish to use and worked out how to tag the notes you enter,  then you  can use the search function to find any note almost instantly. The only limit to retrieval is how fast you can type  “SLT meeting November” or  “home insurance renewal”

Even an ardent, self-confessed technophobe,  like me, loves the simplicity and reliability of this tool.

There is a basic version, which is free, and a great start point.  Though quickly you’ll want to step up to a paid version so you can access across your devices and  at around  8 pence per day for their Plus package and 12  pence for the premium version, it’s such a reasonable upgrade for a hugely powerful tool.

Just to be clear, I don’t have any affiliation with Evernote, so this is an unrewarded plug for them. I just wanted to share an awesome productivity tool with you.

Those of you who have read the articles on Getting Things Done, could also use Evernote as the vehicle for holding your 5 notebooks for this approach, adding tick-list functions to the lists to you can tick off items when they are done.

What impact has this had on my productivity?  Well I have emptied the 8 drawers of my filing cabinets and put them on Gumtree for sale.

This is the tool we’ve been waiting for to turn ‘paperlessness’ into the promise we were made all those years ago!

When you think about the environmental impact of reducing your paper use, and storage down to an absolute minimum, this clever bit of tech is also doing its bit for the planet whilst improving your productivity at the same time.

If you’d like help with overwhelm and workload management get in touch and book your free 30 minutes coaching call now.