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– The Aggressive Challenger

It can be very uncomfortable working with people who are verbally aggressive. This short article helps you with some ideas on how to take the sting out of the aggressive behavior and begin to negotiate a positive outcome.

The aggressive challenger resists with accusatory and sometimes personal-sounding language, may swear and raise voice, is cynical about the process of coaching or a specific change. They are often highly critical of others, particularly those in positions of power, and may have an arrogance about their own performance.

Begin by listening – allow them time to release their emotional load.

Acknowledge their feelings and the aggression often dissipates.

Probe the reasons behind the emotions.

Useful questions:

What is behind this?
What do you need?
How can I help you?
What might need to change for this to be ok for you?

Another approach involves using a negotiating language pattern, Click here to view the SamePage Tool.