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Danger and Opportunity – How schools are beating the CPD budget squeeze

By March 22, 2017March 24th, 2017Uncategorized

Robert Hill, the government advisor on education paints a bleak picture of the future of education under the current government with his blog published last year. He draws our attention to the tensions between a whole host of issues including the nebulous mission creep which sees almost daily changes in policy, expectation and edict. 

·       remodel how we train teachers – change the rules

·       redefine professional development  – peer coaching and in-house training key

·       recast leadership of learning so that we explicitly acknowledge and encourage the role of school leaders in leading learning between schools and across the system as well as leading learning within their schools;

·       build a leadership pipeline using school groups as the basis for deploying school leaders to different leadership assignments as a way of accelerating their development – supported by leadership programmes run under the aegis of a sector-led Education Leadership Foundation;

·       use resources more productively. Partnerships and multi-academy trusts bring a huge potential for schools to improve their efficiency.

He contends that the next five years offer exciting opportunities for collaboration to make a reality of school-led improvement across the system. However, if a collaborative approach is to deliver these outcomes then school leaders will need to adopt the habits and implement the disciplines of effective partnership.  

In response to the challenges and opportunities, Vision for Learning has been running a Train the Trainer Master Certification, to raise the bar on in-house training skills and this is coupled with a  programme to license colleagues to deliver and accredit the Level 1 Introduction to Coaching course. 

Schools and individuals have already been taking up this opportunity for the past 12 months with a view to growing  CPD revenue through running relevant and innovative training for other schools and community partners.  

It’s also a cost effective way to grow your own career prospects, and get more people trained and certificated in your school in a really cost effective way. 

If you’re interested in turning your skills and knowledge into capacity and cash, for yourself or for your school click the options below;:

 Licensed Coach Trainer: 

 Train the Trainer, Master Trainer Certification:

 If you’d like to read Robert Hill’s Blog in full click here