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Coaching Skills 2

By August 7, 2009Coaching and NLP

Advanced techniques 2 day course

Why attend this course?
This course builds on your learning from the day 1 Foundations for Change programme. You’ll take your coaching skills to an even greater level and learn the precision use of language to support others. You’ll really improve your confidence using a wide range of techniques and tools. You will have a series of effective strategies for dealing with challenging people.

What will I learn?
You will learn

How to structure review and feedback so that people really listen and take action
Further secrets to build positive relationships with others
How to generate really motivating targets
When to ask questions and when to stay silent
Precision questioning techniques so that your questions have greater impact
How people construct problems and why they do it
Conversational techniques to help people break out of problems and develop their own solutions
Techniques to build really high levels of confidence in yourself and others
Techniques for dealing with challenging people
How to fine tune your senses to pick up even more information about what others are thinking
How to promote relaxation in others through careful construction of language
About the potential for wider organisational coaching approaches

You will also have the opportunity to practice your coaching skills and receive supportive and constructive feedback.

How is the programme structured?
The programme is carefully designed to enable you to:

The programme builds on the one day foundations for change programme*
Reconnect with your current practice
Gain constructive feedback throughout the programme
Actively experience each technique and out it into practice
Learn in a safe and supportive environment

The programme culminates in opportunities to put all of your skills into action in a formative coaching session.

Who is the trainer on Coaching Skills 2 Advanced techniques?
The two-day Advanced Coaching Skills Programme is designed and delivered by Will Thomas. Will is a highly experienced performance coach and trainer. A Marks and Spencer Personnel manager from University, Will moved into education and became Head of Faculty in a large comprehensive school, he has used coaching extensively to enable people to maximise performance and overcome personal barriers to success. Will is co-author of the book Coaching Solutions and author of The Coaching Solutions resource Book.

What if I attend this course?
Attending this course will bring you new levels of confidence and capability in supporting others. From high flyers to the struggling individual, this course gives you tools for helping. Your ability to precisely use language to get results will give you the edge in any work or social setting. The programme will give you the most useful tools and techniques for promoting change in others.

*It is a prerequisite that you attend a one day coaching programme with Alite or Vision for Learning prior to attending the advanced course. This could happen within an open course setting or you may have the course in your workplace.

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