Why attend?

  • • You want to learn rapidly and through observation and doing, how to be an even more outstanding coach
  • • Whatever your level of coaching experience or training you want to progress your skills
  • • You want to be in the presence of a highly experienced coach and understand how Coaching, NLP, and Hypnosis can be blended in conversational ways to bring about change in others
  • • You would like to learn the skills of Timeline Therapy to help others deal swiftly and powerfully with overwhelming negative emotions
  • • You  want to  laugh, be inspired, heal and take positive actions in your own life as a result of being on the programme

What will I learn?

  • • How to blend a range of powerful techniques  in conversational ways
  • • How a professional coach decides what techniques to use and when to get results
  • • How to use Timeline Therapy to release negative emotions from the past which are holding back their progress in the present
  • • How to use the right tool at the right time
  • • How to operate ethically and safely in emotionally-charged coaching situations

How does it work?

  • • This course will major on live and video  demonstrations  of coaching with analysis of the approach followed by participants practicing the skills and tools
  • • It gets you to combine a whole range of approaches to create the perfect blend of support that your coachee needs to progress
  • • Encourages your creativity and experimentation in using coaching techniques to get the very best outcomes


What if I attend?

• You will reconnect to your skills in supporting others
• You will see live and video demonstrations of coaching in action and be able to analyse and practice the skills there and then
• You will go away with fresh tools and techniques and a revised map of how you can blend new and existing skills and tools
• You will massively increase your confidence and flexibility as an agent of change in your professional and personal life
• You will laugh, enjoy and be fascinated and inspired by the programme


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