Coaching and NLP
Coaching and NLP courses:

Coaching Skills 1:  Introduction to Coaching : 1 day course
This course provides the essential practical grounding in coaching. Find out more

Coaching Skills 2: Advanced techniques 2 day course
This course takes your coaching skills to a high level. By the end of the course you will have built on your coaching skills from the foundation course and developed highly targeted questioning strategies and self-confidence building tools for yourself and others. Find out more

Coaching Masterclass with Will Thomas : 1 day

This course provides you with a day of watching, listening, unpacking and practicing coaching skills with Master Coach, Will Thomas, plus learn to manage negative emotions in client sessions.  Worcester University and Institute of Educational Coaching Accreditation. Email us for details.

Coaching Accreditation with Masters Credits: F2F and Distance Learning: 3-12 months

This programme provides you with training and individual support in developing your coaching skills as well as offering Masters level accreditation.  Email is for details.

The Coaching Organisation: Creating a coaching culture. 1 day
This is a course for senior leaders looking to create an organisational coaching culture. This course provides recipes and structures for setting up whole organisation approaches.
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An introduction to NLP
NLP or Neuro-linguistic Programming provides a fascinating and versatile communication skill-set to motivate and effect change in others. NLP complements your existing coaching skills.
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Coach Mark: Institutional Recognition of your commitment to developing a coachingorganisation. Visit  the Coach Mark website

Professional One to One Coaching:

Professional Coaching:

Getting high quality one to one professional development is key to being at the top of your game. Coaching helps you further develop your communication skills, confidence, and professional effectiveness. Find out more

Breakthrough Intensive:

Using a combination of NLP ( neuro-linguistic programming), coaching, Timeline Therapy® and hypnotherapy, this is a high impact approach to dealing with professional and personal challenges. Find out more