Be sure to do this safely – you are responsible for your own safe movement. Never leave a lit candle unattended.

Light a candle
Dim the lights around you
Sit 2-3 metres from the candle
Get comfortable, sitting upright, with feet on the floor.

Focus your gaze on the candle and then soften your vision.
Keep looking towards the candle.
If your mind wanders off to other thoughts or focuses, gentle and kindly bring your attention back to the candle flame.
Repeat this daily, start with a timed 2 minutes, and build it up in two-three day batches to around 15-20 minutes.

The key to success is self-kindness. If your mind wanders kindly bring it back. No judgment.

Some days you’ll be more focused than others, but over time you will start to notice how you feel differently after the meditation. You may also begin to be aware how you are behaving and thinking differently at other times of your day.

Creating an Ideal Climate for Learning

This simple student questionnaire appeared in the book I wrote with Brin Best, The Creative Teaching and Learning Resource Book (Continuum Press). Getting feedback about the way your students feel in your classroom is valuable both to you in understanding how you might further improve the climate for learning. It also builds trust and a sense that you care about them.

Try this. Feel free to copy it for your own use. Student Questionnaire