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Breakthrough Intensive

By August 7, 2009Coaching and NLP

Why breakthrough intensive?
This is the ultimate in personal and professional development. As the name suggests this is an intensive one day, one to one personal coaching experience which gives you access to the most powerful techniques for change available. You would opt for this if you wanted change fast and you wanted to concentrate your change work into a one day block. This approach is for you if you have become frustrated with other approaches to getting the results you seek, or if you have a specific issue which you need to resolve quickly.

What will you gain?
You will experience a day focused entirely on you and getting what you want and need. Breakthrough intensive gives you access to a personalised change process which includes coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, Timeline Therapy™ and hypnosis. These are amongst the most powerful tools available for rapid development.

How does it work?
Breakthrough intensive works through asking powerful questions which help you to rapidly re-evaluate what’s working and what’s not working. Because our motivation is driven by your unconscious mind, not your conscious mind, the approaches bring you into rapport with your unconscious and allow you to work with it to get the rapid results. Most people strive for change and fail because they are working antagonistically with their unconscious. Breakthrough re-establishes the rapport.

The main elements are:

Coaching, which helps you refine what you really need and want
NLP, which helps you break unhelpful patterns of behaviour and develop more effective responses, it also helps you regain rapport with your unconscious
Timeline Therapy™ rapidly and safely let’s you deal with past negative emotions and set really inspiring goals
Hypnosis which enables you to receive positive and confidence boosting suggestions and develop empowering beliefs.

What if I go for it?
If you go for it you can expect to feel very different and respond in ever more resourceful ways to your environment and people within it. You can release yourself from negative emotions and dramatically improve your confidence and peace of mind.

What people have said about breakthrough intensive:

Thank you so much for working with me…things are great, feel about nine stone lighter and much happier. I really appreciate it and put a spider out today with no fear!! [my partner] was amazed, I felt wonderful. Go fo it – it’ll be one of the best things you ever do! LC, Leeds

The best thing about the coaching process…being able to confide in Will to talk about everything. To be able to let go of all of the things I have carried around and be able to discuss them in a calm and organized way. The breakthrough session in Malvern has made a really big difference. Everyone has noticed the change in me. It has been an unbelievable experience. MM, Worcestershire

For several years now I have had a fear of flying. I feared even the shortest flights and never contemplated longer flights to many countries I have always wanted to visit. Breakthrough was an amazing experience. Will is extremely professional. After just a one day session with Will my fear of flying was banished. My first flight following the session was fantastic, I was totally relaxed and calm. I am now looking forward to longer flights. I have also noticed other changes, particularly in my self confidence. Will has certainly helped me overcome my fear of flying and has also had positive impact on other areas of my life. He is a true professional and I would recommend him to anyone who would like to make a positive change to their life. Nick Lowe, Malvern

Following breakthrough for fear of water:
Well, I’ve started my swimming lessons and they are going extremely well. I was able to take my first unaided strokes on my second lesson! I no longer get panicky when I have my face in the water. I’m now confident I can achieve my goal, thanks to you. I appreciate everything you have done for me – I am a stronger person all round. Many, many thanks, HC, Malvern.

” I have worked with Will on a number of very significant issues in my life, to be honest I couldn’t see the light at the end of it…I felt trapped in a world of denial and dealing with it seemed the impossible. Will allowed this magnificent change to unfold, he gave me back the freedom I had been dreaming of…My whole family thank him…My husband thanks him…….I will never stop thanking him for the amazing work he did just for me. If your serious about having the biggest Breakthrough, believe me this is the man that will give it to you. He is by far a Master of his profession. Thank you” Karen Welsh, London

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