Why book a Breakthrough Coaching Session?
This approach to personal development is highly individual to you and uses a range of cutting edge personal transformation tools. You will want to book this approach if:

You have a specific issue to work through
You want to get results very, very quickly
You are feeling unfulfilled or have a sense of there being more capacity in you than you are using
You are already very successful and want to tweak your attitudes, skills and behaviours to the next level
You have any of these and want support:
Confidence issues
On-going health and well-being issues
Compulsive behaviours
Career plateau
Mid-life concerns
Unresolved negative emotions from the past
Difficulties reaching the next level of performance

What will I gain from a Breakthrough Intensive?
This approach tunes into your individual needs and so you will gain a highly specific personal transformation experience. You will:

Work to reduce and eradicate negative thoughts and feelings
Unlock your potential
Learn to look at issues from different perspectives to assist your resolution
Install positive and empowering behaviours and thought patterns
Have an ongoing plan of actions to maintain your new pathway
Totally transform how you think and feel
Get yourself on the track you really want to be on
Take away strategies for positively managing confidence and negative emotions into the future
Enhance your own self knowledge

How does Breakthrough Intensive work?
This approach works by helping you to find the root cause of your challenges easily and effortlessly, and then provides the tools to eliminate or lessen the impact of the root cause. Most difficulties stem from a belief or beliefs which we live by, which are outdated or obsolete as we have grown up. Typically you spend 2-3 hours identifying the root cause beliefs and then 2-3 hours breaking them down.
Your breakthrough intensive includes:

Coaching: supporting you to understand the challenges and set the goals
Timeline therapy: a superb tool for dealing with past negative emotions in comfort and security, and quickly
NLP: neuro-linguistic programming is a set of approaches which help you to reorganise negative thoughts, feelings and attitudes so that they are no longer obstructive to you
Hypnotherapy: a gentle, relaxed approach to reordering unhelpful thoughts and creating resourceful thinking, unconsciously

So what if I book a breakthrough session?
When you book a breakthrough session you enter the world of optimum performance, capability and fulfilment. You’ll discover amazing things about yourself and others that propel you forwards. You’ll realise that change is possible very, very quickly, and that you can create even more of the life you want than you ever thought possible. Above all you’ll leave behind an old skin and walk forward head high, with a refreshed and revitalised complexion. If you want rapid change, and if you have waited long enough, then breakthrough is for you. Make an enquiry