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Balancing Change – A great tool for balanced decisions

By August 19, 2015Newsletters

I don’t know about you, but the holiday period often liberates a kind of utopian view of the up-coming school term for me. I find myself saying that I will change X or Y and expect that as a result this will lead to some glorious utopia that will mean I avoid an issue I had last year.

Sometimes this approach pays off and it’s how I’ve grown my skills and learned new things over the years.

Other times the change has fallen flat on it’s face and I’ve ended up a little bit dispirited and perhaps a bit reluctant to try such changes in the future.

I’ve noticed something of a pattern to such change. And it’s formulated into a bit of tool for making changes work in my life. It’s something I’ve trialed with people I coach extensively now, and it seems to work really well.

It involves following the core questions through this grid below and recording your thinking along the way. It’s based on a simple checklist for change:

• Know the outcome,
• Make sure it lines up with your core purpose
• Ensure it’s emotional and practical impacts are considered
• Make a plan
• Know how you’ll evaluate it
• Crack on and do it

You might add other steps too, but I’d invite you to use this as a starter tool: Click here to view the ChangeMaker Tool