Performance Coaching Workbook E-BOOK

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This electronic book is the practical resource book which follows the enormously successful Performance Coaching book by Dr Angus McLeod. Compiled by Angus McLeod and Will Thomas, this e-book is a must have on your laptop.The book here is part one of a series of three parts innovately designed and rpovided to you in electronic form. This e-book is packed with  13 tools for enhancing your practical coaching from set-up to completion.

The approach is concise and immediately helpful in knowing how and when to use specific tools in coaching. We believe that this workbook is suited to coaches and prospective coaches in all sectors, particularly those who want a rapid and accessible route to understanding coaching practice and who want a reliable source book for coaching methods. We present an easily understandable structure for coaching so that all the tools sit simply within a practical framework for developing and enhancing your own coaching style. This framework, the STEPPPA Model, also provides a coherent and practical tool for keeping in touch with the coaching process as a structured journey.

You will quickly recognize a layout that becomes familiar and enables fast access to key information. Links between other related models and tools are provided throughout, so the complexity of coaching processes, with time, becomes even more comprehensible. We have very deliberately included linguistic-triggers in the text to help coaches use the right set of tools in their actual coaching sessions without having to pause in their work.

We include a number of self-evaluation frameworks so you can make progress in ways that are personal to your own style of coaching delivery. The world of the coachee’s experience will become more familiar to you and this will help to advise your use of the tools.

Available for free download at http://willthomasblog.com

Professional Coaching

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Why book professional coaching sessions?
Professional coaching gives you individual support to achieve your professional goals. Helping you to understand how you can perform to your peak and how you can influence others around you to do the same is at the heart of coaching. If you have the feeling that you could improve an aspect or aspects of your work and career then coaching is for you. Read More

June Whittle – Coach and Trainer

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June Whittle

June Whittle

June Whittle, Coach and Trainer

Before founding her coaching and training practice, June had highly successful careers in education and film and video production.

June has a wide understanding of the educational world which she brings to coaching in schools.  She has a passion for learning and a wealth of experience in the classroom, on leadership teams and as an education consultant to schools in Surrey.

She is an inspiring and thought- provoking Coach and Trainer. Clients and course participants are encouraged to reach for their personal best through one-to-one sessions, team workshops and training programmes.  She combines her knowledge of the learning process with cutting edge people development skills.

June gained her professional coaching qualification through The Coaching Academy, Europe’s largest training organisation. She is an Accredited Assessor for the Institute of Educational Coaching (IEC) and a Member of the Association for Coaching (MAC) which promotes excellence and ethics across the coaching profession. She runs a private practice in Surrey working with organisations and individuals at every level.