Coaching Solutions

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Coaching is a proven method for improving individual and team performance. Its success derives from an understanding that all meaningful progress is driven from within. Here, Will Thomas and Alistair Smith offer practical advice to help individuals, teams and organizations secure the improvements they want.

This is a great book for:

– managers who want to help their team re-claim the agenda
– teachers who want a way of better understanding and motivating the ‘hard to reach’
– leaders who want an institutional focus that will bring energy to the system
– parents who have reluctant youngsters at home
– communities who want to get back in touch with each others’ needs

It answers the following questions:

– What is coaching?
– How do you coach?
– Where do you begin?
– How do you develop a coaching organization?

It includes: dialogues,case studies, examples of schools using coaching successfully, masterclasses and plenty of information about further help.

The Coaching Organisation

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Creating a coaching culture. 1 day

Why attend The Coaching Organisation?
This programme provides the necessary strategic overview to develop a high quality professional development programme with peer coaching at its heart. You will explore the core Organisational Coaching Model, and ways to implement a high quality colleague to colleague coaching system. A growing body of research shows that coaching creates bottom line improvements.

What will you learn?

How to set up coaching across your organisation
Why you should set up coaching; the research that says you should go for it
How to systemise the process so its is sustainable
How to win confidence and persuade the “nay-sayers”
How to build a team of high quality coaches and how to monitor and maintain that quality
About some possible blocks and pitfalls and how to overcome them
Recipes for success – opportunity to design a system that works for your situation

How will the programme be run?
The programme will introduce the current research and case studies on organisational coaching model success. Delegates will explore what they want to achieve in their own institution and then select appropriate strategies for setting this up.
There will be opportunity in the afternoon to action plan next steps and to receive support and guidance on the plans. Follow on coaching is offered separately should support beyond the course be required.

Who should attend?
Directors, HR managers, headteachers, aspiring headteachers, and anyone involved in, or interested in, improving communication and spreading excellent practice throughout their organisation.

What if I attend?
If you attend you will be setting in motion a series of steps to radically transform the way that professional development, communication and support takes place in your work-place. All the research points to great gains in productivity and improved sense of work satisfaction and output for everyone involved.