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Angus McLeod – Corporate Coach and Trainer

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Angus McLeod

Angus McLeod

Dr Angus McLeod is a respected coach, facilitator and  author with an international reputation in coaching and leadership.

Angus McLeod is widely regarded through his training and master-classes in coaching as well as his books on coaching and leadership. He designed the Diploma Course in Performance Coaching for Newcastle College (from 2004) with over 10,000 students in its first two years. He has written books on teams, coaching and leadership and published articles widely.

He was an academic before making fast progress in business including Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer positions,  with over a dozen directorships to his name.

He works from the UK and US with a broad customer-base from government to NGO, from manufacturing to IT, from insurance to publishing.

His style is facilitative and in coaching he shows that variety in approach is determined by the needs of the coachee; sometimes soft and supportive, sometimes incisive, sometimes deeply challenging.