Licensed Trainer Development Programme

You have prequalified to join my brand new Licensed Trainer Programme

Why join?

  • You want to train a proven system that allows you to follow your passion for sharing the coaching message to schools and colleges
  • You want to be amongst the first to do this
  • You want the flexibility and freedom to do more of the work on your life that you love and less of the stuff that gets you down
  • You want to develop a lucrative primary or secondary  income or a whole new set of career options
  • You want to be licensed to run a proven Introduction to Coaching skills course which can be delivered either as a series of twilights or as a one-day programme, and carry the title and logos of Vision for Learning Licensed Trainer and The Institute of Educational Coaching on your web and e-communications
  • You want to be able to bring your own personality and approaches to the courses you deliver, with the built-in core and optional elements to the coaching programme
  • You want a way into schools to share other programmes you would love to run, now or in the future
  • You want to be qualified to certificate an accredited course and use this as credibility for your training of coaching and to enhance your credibility as a trainer overall
  • You want the security of knowing that you have legal permission to use the intellectual property of Will Thomas' coaching research and development, in your courses
  • You just know it's time to develop your skills and potential and this opportunity is exactly what you've been looking for

OK, I'm ready, sign me up

What you'll get in the Licensed Trainer of Coaching  programme

  • 3 Days of High Quality LIVE Face to Face Trainer's Training, in August this year, with Will Thomas
  • All of Will's secrets for running OUSTANDING training, and building rapid and sustained relationships with participants
  • A 6 week webinar-based training which is a specific step by step guide to running the Accredited "Introduction to Coaching Skills" Course: webinars led by Will Thomas
  • Guidance on setting up and running your own business, and ethical marketing plus you'll get your own database
  • Upon successful completion of the LIVE trainings you'll get:
    • Master Trainer Certification from The Institute of Educational Coaching (IEC)
    • Licensed Trainer Certification to deliver Introduction to Coaching Level 1 Accreditation from the IEC
  • The rights to run and assess Licensed courses and issue certificates for all participants, without geographical limits and no commissions to pay (you can run unlimited numbers of programmes each year)
  • The legal rights to use the materials, and models of Will Thomas under the terms of the license
  • EduCoach Pack worth £299 + vat,  which is the Coach Trainer's  Toolkit stacked with resources 
  • Once you've done the training you will also have access to earning commissions through the effortless process  of refering your participants to other courses and resources, making you passive income while you sleep, when they make purchases
  • You'll get a flexible system for training that means you can run the programme in evenings, weekends and during school times to suit you and your audience, ie you can make use of twilights and run in-house or public-type courses to increase uptake
  • Vision for Learning may also send you enquiries (though we don't guarentee this) to run courses in your locality

I dont want to miss out:  register me now

What's included in the different elements of the package:

What's in the LIVE Three Day Trainer the Trainer Programme?

  • Access to Will Thomas' over 10,000 hours of training experience in schools and over a thousand Introduction to Coaching courses run internationally
  • The Training and Development Continuum for the right approach at the right time
  • Training pre-frames to prevent disengagement and objections from participants
  • The active learning cycle for massively engaging learning experiences
  • How to stop a room ruining your training
  • How to win over the difficult to reach adult learner and handle hecklers overtly and covertly
  • The secrets of engaging people and keeping them with you
  • Dozens of brilliant training tools, activities and tips
  • Managing your state of mind as a trainer and overcoming stage fright
  • The keys to elegantly dealing with difficult people and CPD terrorists
  • Highly effective planning frameworks for speeches and trainings
  • NLP  techniques for covertly triggering desirable participant behaviours
  • Actually doing it – the last day of the programme provides opportunity in a safe environment to practice the skills, attitudes and techniques you’ve been learning, get feedback and improve
  • Using Huna and energetics in training
  • How to make a difference AND if you desire, a lucrative income through training and public speaking

What's in the 6 Session Webinar Set?

  • 6 LIVE evening webinars you can listen to and contribute to, or download and  listen to  later
  • How to deliver the specifics of the Introduction to Coaching one day or 4 session twilight programme
  • The 6 secrets of blow-away coach training that gets people loving you, and your message
  • How to get people onto your courses and how to keep them happy

What's in the EduCoach Box?


You'll get the following in the box:

  • Copy of Coaching Solutions - the new edition - with updated research and case studies
  • 2 x Copies of Coaching Solutions Resource Book which are packed with 50 + tools and strategies for coaching in schools, perfect for supporting your courses
  • Coaching Card sets - two beautifully produced card sets, full of themed coaching questions which can be used to improve your own coaching skills and as games with others to play on your courses or with your own coaching clients.  
  • Coaching DVD, this DVD has whole coaching conversations with and without expert commentary, interviews about the nature of Coaching with Will Thomas and advanced coaching skills tips and tools to help you develop your own skills further. Use as coaching demo-material on your courses
  • The training licence to allow you to use the boxed resources in your trainings
  • Coaching Course Guide  - a glossy distance learning guide which gives you the whole course ready for home study, which is perfect for your preparation 

Opportunities to earn  from more than training delivery for Licensed Trainers:

When you are licensed as a trainer you can earn commissions when participants or schools buy the following:

  • Places on Vision for Learning's Accredited Advanced Coaching Skills course run as in-house or public courses
  • Places on The IEC/UNiversity of Worcester Masters Level Accredited Coach Practitioner Course
  • EduCoach Resources Packs
  • Any of Will Thomas' Books 
  • Coachmark: National Coaching Award Assessment (Schools who embed coaching in their staff development practice can apply for a Coachmark Award)

What Licensed Trainer is and what it's not:

It is:

The chance to make a difference to schools hsaring the magic and power of coaching

An opportunity to do more of what you love, less of what you dislike

Earn income for you or your school

A unique and established way to get your own business off the ground with a tried and tested product that's existed for over 10 years

A real alternative to working for others - a platform for not only running the Intro to Coaching course but also building your own unique courses in an area you want to specialise in

A whole raft of support to help you grow and develop yourself and your life opportunities

A cost effective and straight-forward fee structure, without any complications: Training Fee, Yearly Subscription and very reasonable certificate purchase bundles

A brilliant set of training and resources which, whatever you do with it, are an investment in you and your future

Perfect for using within your existing role even if you don't want to step away from your present job.

It isn't:

Employment or a lead provider, though you will get guidance and training on how to develop leads, ethically and naturally from your own network of contacts. You'll also get a database of schools and colleges.


So of course you want to know what the investment is:

For: The three days of training, the 6 week course, the EduCoach Package and your License, which lasts three years: 

The Licensed Trainer Training Package:  £1499 INCLUDING VAT

Yearly License Fee: £599 INCLUDING VAT payable at the start of each license year.

Certificates, you'll initially get 30 certificates as part of your licensed training package once you qualify, after that the certificate bundles are available at £30 for 30 certificates plus P+P, the more you order the cheaper they get.

The license lasts 3 years and then it can be renewed.

There is NO commission to be paid on courses you run and so what you earn, you keep.

The license fee includes: the rights to deliver courses and use the materials including the powerpoint slides, delegate packs, and a monthly support webinar, to support you in developing your training skills and your business skills too.

PLUS for the first signups for this package we are also offering a bonus webinar with Paul Hutchins:  Finding your Niche, which will guide you through how to create your specific niche as a trainer and coach.

What might I earn as a licensed trainer?

Typically a licensed course is charged at between £500 and £1000 per course, you will keep all of this.

From passive income you can earn:

A Coachmark Award referal commission is £60

A client you refer to an advanced coaching course and  who attends earns you £60

EduCoach Package bought by  a school earns you  £60

A referal where a client of your's continues to the Level 3 Accredited Coach Practitioner with Masters Credits earns you £100

So there it is. This is what's on offer, Limited places, and I really hope to see you in the summer.

I definitely want to be on this and I really don't want to miss out, so register me and take my payment now.

The Licensed Training Package Fee Now

The Yearly License Fee is due in July

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