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EduCoach – Coach Training Resource Package for Schools

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The EduCoach Home Study Pack, and INSET Resource is a programme for flexibly learning how to coach and to teach others to do so

EduCoach Resources

EduCoach Resources


The package has everything in it that you would need to learn coaching AND run training in your school on coaching

  • DVD material of coaching skills, interviews with teachers and key questions answered about coaching including:
    • What is coaching?
    • How does it differ from mentoring and counseling?
    • How do you structure coaching sessions?
    • How to overcome challenging situations in coaching conversations
    • How to use a wide range of basic and advanced coaching techniques


  • DVD disc crammed with video,  with and without commentary so you can watch and reflect or listen to the expert views of coaches on their approach
  • A step-by-step fully referenced training guide which takes you on the coaching learning journey
  • A structure for devising and running your own coaching INSET*
  • The latest edition of Coaching Solutions, by Will Thomas and Alistair Smith, the first book of its kind to bring Coaching directly into the world of education
  • Two volumes of brilliantly practical coaching tools, information and techniques including case studies of coaching schools and much, much more
  • BONUS MATERIAL:  Coaching Card Set:  A set of cards in 4 suites; each card with a coaching question on it, ideal for developing coaching questioning skills, and using with coachees for coaching

WB Cards

*Just imagine being able to use these materials for self study, for your team or to lead training in coaching for your colleagues




First come first served offer


EduCoach Resources

EduCoach Resources


Normal RRP £299 + vat + p&p


Use this time limited discount code to SAVE £50 and get your box set for £249 + vat  + p &p** 


Add a training license for £219 + vat

to use this with groups







email Teresa: and place your order

for your EduCoach Package:

BONUS Coaching Cards

Advanced Coaching E-Resources


Training Licence

Quote EDUC2332 to receive all the benefits available

Time limited offer ACT TODAY 


*To use the package for group training settings you will need to purchase the training license. Please specify this when ordering


**p&p £10 + vat


Vision for Learning 2014/15 Public Courses, Seminars & Workshops With Will Thomas and Associates

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Introduction to Coaching Level 1 IEC

Course Date(s): CONTACT US to find out about the latest courses and fees

Venue: Birmingham / London

Cost (Per Person):  Contact us

IEC Accredited Coach Practitioner Certification Seminar

Location: (Midlands)

Dates: TBC

Entry months to the Programme: October, March and June

Please enquire for details @

NLP Diploma Part 1

Date: Contact us for latest course dates and fees

Venue: London

Cost (Per Person):   Contact us now

NLP Diploma Part 2

Date(s) Contact us for the latest course dates and fees

Venue: Birmingham / London

Cost (Per Person): Contact us now

Advanced Coaching Course Level 2 IEC

Course Date(s): Contact us for the latest course dates and fees

Venue: Birmingham

Cost (Per Person): Contact us now

To make a booking or request further information, please contact us at or call us on 07904 287065.

Intro/Advanced Coaching Skills Programme

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The increasingly popular Advanced Skills Coaching course is run by Will Thomas and is a lively and engaging programme which takes your skills form the introductory level and builds on them.  Its combined now so you can complete introductory and advanced in a two day block. Stacked with tools, thinking approaches, techniques and strategies, this is course is also Part 1 and Part 2 of the Accredited Coach Practitioner Certification.  Email us:

Introduction to Coaching

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A one day interactive and highly engaging coaching skills programme with Will Thomas.  Learn what coaching is, why you should be using the skills, how you do it and what the potential is for organisational change of using the skills set. Part 1 of the Accredited Coach Practitioner Certification. Email us:

Richard Gerver

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Creating Tomorrow’s Schools Today, Author Richard Gerver talks organisational communication via Disneyland


A few years ago, after much scrimping and saving, my wife and I were able to take our children to Disney. I am not sure who was more excited; I know that I didn’t sleep the night before we left! I also remember the feeling each day as Cinderella’s castle came into view; a fast beating heart and the sense that something special was about to happen; every day was like a new adventure!
I have often been laughed at when I tell people that upon taking up my Headship in 2001, I asked the staff one question; how do we turn our school into Disneyland? I realise that this may appear to be a daft enquiry to some; somewhat trivial, almost naïve to others, but I was serious. I am a committed and I hope, highly professional, educator who chose teaching as most do, because I wanted to make a difference to children’s lives; to help to prepare them for the challenges and opportunities in their futures; the moral imperative. In no way did the asking of that question seek to devalue or make light of the incredible responsibilities we carry as teachers, it was a symbolic way of underlining to my new colleagues that during my tenure as Head our job was to focus on our primary customers; our children.
As educators we know that successful learning can only occur in schools filled with happy people; staff, parents, governors but most importantly, children. We know that learning is most successful when our students are engaged, excited, intrigued and we know that teachers are at their best when they demonstrate passion and enthusiasm. When I was given the extraordinary privilege of taking on my Headship, I wanted to help create a school where people arrived in the morning with their hearts beating faster; it’s why I asked the Disney question. I knew that we would be on the way to success, when on a cold February morning, in the middle of the winter virus season, if our pupils woke up with a sore throat and they would still want to come to school, in the same way that if they were waking up in Paris on that same cold morning, with the same condition, nothing would stop them on their trip to Walt’s world.
As a profession, we know more about learning, brain and emotional development and the links between them, than we ever have. Every Child Matters gave us the political mandate to do what we have always known was right; to educate the whole child. There is rightly still huge concern around the issues of inclusion and achievement, but the solutions do not come in the shape of targets, or in rows of desks and more prescriptive approaches to teaching and learning, the solutions lie in refocusing the agenda. We have to make learning matter to our kids, for some, for the first time, for others to ensure that they can rediscover that joy. For that to happen learning must be rich in context and purpose; children must be able to see the links to their own lives and how by engaging in education, it makes things better and can make their hearts beat a little faster.
Although I blame the advertising industry for many, many things; including the rows I have with my teenage daughter over shopping and pocket money! I am fascinated by the science of their craft; after all, if we could convince our children to buy in to school as a brand in the same way they do certain technologies or clothing lines we’d be on to a winner, wouldn’t we? Interestingly, there are two questions that branding experts ask of new clients when taking on a brief, the first is;
What do you want to stand for in the eyes of your customer?
And the second is:
How are you going to shape your behaviours, as an organisation, so that you support the response to the first question?
Whether we like it or not, our children are incredibly sophisticated consumers; they are the first truly ‘on demand’ generation. The future of education does not lie in how we control them but how we sell to them; a great education is one of the foundations of a successful society; it is of more value than any computer game, pair of trainers or music download and we need to ensure that children feel that. At its best learning stirs the senses, quickens the pulse and fires the imagination; much like Disney.
Education is a serious business, so is the Disney Corporation, it after all, one of the world’s most successful organisations. At the heart of the Disney ethos are the concepts of education and entertainment and as a result they captivate generation after generation, it strikes me that great schools follow exactly the same formula.


Breakthrough Intensive

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Why breakthrough intensive?
This is the ultimate in personal and professional development. As the name suggests this is an intensive one day, one to one personal coaching experience which gives you access to the most powerful techniques for change available. You would opt for this if you wanted change fast and you wanted to concentrate your change work into a one day block. This approach is for you if you have become frustrated with other approaches to getting the results you seek, or if you have a specific issue which you need to resolve quickly. Read More

Professional Coaching

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Why book professional coaching sessions?
Professional coaching gives you individual support to achieve your professional goals. Helping you to understand how you can perform to your peak and how you can influence others around you to do the same is at the heart of coaching. If you have the feeling that you could improve an aspect or aspects of your work and career then coaching is for you. Read More

An Introduction to Neuro-linguistic Programming ( NLP)

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What is NLP?
NLP is a set of effective communication concepts which enable us to build trust with others quickly and effectively. It provides powerful linguistic patterns and change techniques to empower others to make changes in their thinking and behaviours.

Why attend the courses?

The course will provide you with a practical and strategic approach to supporting others to bring about change in their lives and their work. You will be able to blend your existing practice with the NLP approaches to create effective strategies for building trust and effecting change.
The course provides highly effective change techniques for overt and covert change work. This programme introduces you to the foundations of NLP and some of the most useful tools for use in your work context.

What will I learn?

You will learn:

What NLP is and what it is not
The presuppositions of NLP
The NLP communication model ( an easily understood communication framework)
More about the role and functioning of the unconscious mind and how to work with it
To further improve your ability to notice subtle changes in others
Future-basing for really motivating goals
How to disrupt problem states
Advanced linguistics for relaxation (how to induce hypnotic trance conversationally)
How to embed commands in conversation
How to use metaphor to promote change
About sub-modality shifts and their use in directly changing how people hold problem states of mind How is the programme structured?

The first day provides the essential underlying concepts of NLP and begins to explore the advanced language patterns and change techniques which can be applied to your context.
In the second day more advanced strategies for promoting change are explored. The course is activity-based with links to real work situations made throughout.

Who is your trainer?

Will Thomas will lead the training. He is a qualified coach, and Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Timeline Therapy™ and Hypnosis. He is an experienced trainer and personal development coach offering high quality training and coaching in the UK and Europe. He is author and co-author of a number of books on coaching, leadership and managing workload.

Who should attend?
Anyone whose role it is to support and encourage others to overcome problems and grow confidence. The course material is valuable for the empowering of clients, client groups and colleagues. The content has applications to leading adults, and working with adult and young people as clients. This is s perfect compliment to coaching and provides both covert and overt approaches to effecting change.

What if I attend ‘An Introduction to NLP’?
You’ll increase your flexibility to handle challenging situations through the way that you think and the tools you have at your disposal. Many of the strategies explored, can be used in normal conversation, and very quickly, to enable change in clients and colleagues. You will open up new ways of thinking about what blocks progress in others, and work more effectively to help them adjust their internal representations, build confidence and overcome challenges.

Past delegates have said:
“ An excellent invigorating and deeply thought-provoking 2 days. Every exercise had value for me, both personally and professionally.…Many thanks Will.” Felicity Steel

[The course] “Really will change my practice” Naomi, Hertfordshire, Educational Psychologist

“ Excellent 2 days. Interesting, practical and very enjoyable” SW

“ Excellent, well presented, everything made sense, clearly explained with good examples of application” R Bennet

The Coaching Organisation

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Creating a coaching culture. 1 day

Why attend The Coaching Organisation?
This programme provides the necessary strategic overview to develop a high quality professional development programme with peer coaching at its heart. You will explore the core Organisational Coaching Model, and ways to implement a high quality colleague to colleague coaching system. A growing body of research shows that coaching creates bottom line improvements.

What will you learn?

How to set up coaching across your organisation
Why you should set up coaching; the research that says you should go for it
How to systemise the process so its is sustainable
How to win confidence and persuade the “nay-sayers”
How to build a team of high quality coaches and how to monitor and maintain that quality
About some possible blocks and pitfalls and how to overcome them
Recipes for success – opportunity to design a system that works for your situation

How will the programme be run?
The programme will introduce the current research and case studies on organisational coaching model success. Delegates will explore what they want to achieve in their own institution and then select appropriate strategies for setting this up.
There will be opportunity in the afternoon to action plan next steps and to receive support and guidance on the plans. Follow on coaching is offered separately should support beyond the course be required.

Who should attend?
Directors, HR managers, headteachers, aspiring headteachers, and anyone involved in, or interested in, improving communication and spreading excellent practice throughout their organisation.

What if I attend?
If you attend you will be setting in motion a series of steps to radically transform the way that professional development, communication and support takes place in your work-place. All the research points to great gains in productivity and improved sense of work satisfaction and output for everyone involved.