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Introduction to Coaching (1Day)

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Introduction to Coaching

‘Getting stuck is not a problem, staying stuck is…’

Why attend the course?
The Vision for Learning one-day Coaching Skills programme develops one to one coaching skills. Coaching Skills will be of professional value to anyone who wants to improve the quality of the support they offer others. This course will help you to work with people to overcome their blocks and work with the grain of their own motivators. You will also gain the essential grounding to progress to the advanced coaching programme. Benefits of attending include:

• Developing practical coaching skills
• A deeper understanding of what drives people towards success and what holds them back
• Practical approaches to unblock negative attitudes and promote positive thinking
• A deeper insight into the use of listening skills
• Knowing when to question and when to be silent
• Learning how to better manage internal thought patterns and habits of mind for coaching

What will you learn on the coaching programme?
You will learn and develop key knowledge and skills for promoting change in others, including:

• What is coaching?
• The difference between coaching and other helping processes
• The essential dispositions of an effective coach
• How to establish and maintain rapport
• Essential listening skills
• Key questioning tools for coaches
• How to ask the right questions and what to do when people get stuck
• How to structure coaching
• How to coach in a hurry

The programme draws from NLP, Sports Performance Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy. The programme provides you with simple models and techniques that improve motivation and broker success.

How is the course structured?
The Programme is closely focused on promoting independent thinking and problem-solving in others. Coaching techniques are demonstrated and developed through practical activities. The programme content is backed by the relevant coaching theory. Together this offers you the opportunity to understand the psychology of motivation and develop the practical skills of coaching.
Delegates learn to use a simple, but effective core coaching model. There are dozens of great coaching tips from an expert coach at every step of the way.

Who leads the programme?
The one-day Coaching Skills Programme is designed and delivered by Will Thomas. Will is a highly experienced Performance Coach and trainer. He works with individuals from school age to old age. A Marks and Spencer Personnel manager from University, Will moved into education and became Head of Faculty in a large comprehensive school, he has used coaching extensively to enable people to maximise performance and overcome personal barriers to success. Will is co-author of the book Coaching Solutions and author of The Coaching Solutions Resource Book.

What if I attend?
You’ll further develop your skills and knowledge in multiple ways. Just imagine having the confidence to respond positively and effectively in any situation, and having the next level of linguistic tools to promote change in others. Consider the positive impact on your work, your life and those you come into contact with you.

What past attendees have said:
“ Very enjoyable – new ideas that I can use to be more effective in my job – well delivered” Guy Foster, East Manchester Education Action Zone

“ It was great to work with colleagues and develop coaching skills with them….very effective, and fully covered coaching aspects for our staff” Bill Whiting, Portsmouth

“ Very challenging, well-structured, and professional, but done with good humour, and much respect for participants”. Kate Edwards, Gateshead

“ Excellent course – very useful. Good course notes. Promoted thinking and how to develop reflective thought” Dave Magee, Cadishead

The Creative Teaching and Learning Toolkit

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The end of a three year research and development project by Brin Best and Will Thomas  has yielded this phenomenal teaching and learning resource.  Based on a robust and holistic model for developing teaching and learning, this book is also packed with hundreds of tools, tips and strategies to enable your students to reach their potential.  The book combines ready-made tools alongside strategies for encouraging thinking skills, problem-solving and  inspirational approaches to learning. Over 200 useful quotes, a self evaluation tool and a CD ROM with printable versions of  many of the tools in the book are included. This is a “must-have” on every  upper primary and secondary teacher’s shelf.

Performance Coaching Workbook E-BOOK

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This electronic book is the practical resource book which follows the enormously successful Performance Coaching book by Dr Angus McLeod. Compiled by Angus McLeod and Will Thomas, this e-book is a must have on your laptop.The book here is part one of a series of three parts innovately designed and rpovided to you in electronic form. This e-book is packed with  13 tools for enhancing your practical coaching from set-up to completion.

The approach is concise and immediately helpful in knowing how and when to use specific tools in coaching. We believe that this workbook is suited to coaches and prospective coaches in all sectors, particularly those who want a rapid and accessible route to understanding coaching practice and who want a reliable source book for coaching methods. We present an easily understandable structure for coaching so that all the tools sit simply within a practical framework for developing and enhancing your own coaching style. This framework, the STEPPPA Model, also provides a coherent and practical tool for keeping in touch with the coaching process as a structured journey.

You will quickly recognize a layout that becomes familiar and enables fast access to key information. Links between other related models and tools are provided throughout, so the complexity of coaching processes, with time, becomes even more comprehensible. We have very deliberately included linguistic-triggers in the text to help coaches use the right set of tools in their actual coaching sessions without having to pause in their work.

We include a number of self-evaluation frameworks so you can make progress in ways that are personal to your own style of coaching delivery. The world of the coachee’s experience will become more familiar to you and this will help to advise your use of the tools.

Available for free download at


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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT TEACHING…but are to busy to ask. This book provides a collection of briefings for busy teachers to update you. A great read in its own right, this book is also a valuable reference covering a whole range of topics relevant to education including ICT, mentoring, questioning strategies, inclusion, NLP, writing frames, accelerated learning and many more. Briefings on fifty topics raise your game for preparing for interviews and promotions, updates, and for those new to the profession. A teacher’s encyclopedia for just £12.99

Coaching Solutions Resource Book

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Coaching Solutions Resource Book by Will Thomas

Packed with over 80 practical coaching resources, all in photocopiable form, including:

– foundation tools for creating focus and identifying motivators
– coaching session prompts and record sheets
– question banks to help coaches pick great questions
– a variety of tools to identify strengths, generate really motivating targets, overcome obstacles, create innovative solutions, help with   making decisions, and evaluate progress.

This is the perfect companion to Coaching Solutions, the original ground-breaking education coaching text from Will Thomas and Alistair Smith. It provides practical ways to help individuals, teams and organisations secure peak performance through a coaching approach. It contains a concise summary of all of the key elements of coaching practice, along with a well-organized and accessible bank of resources.

Whether you are a new coach or an old hand, this book will make coaching more effective and more manageable.

Coaching Solutions

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Coaching is a proven method for improving individual and team performance. Its success derives from an understanding that all meaningful progress is driven from within. Here, Will Thomas and Alistair Smith offer practical advice to help individuals, teams and organizations secure the improvements they want.

This is a great book for:

– managers who want to help their team re-claim the agenda
– teachers who want a way of better understanding and motivating the ‘hard to reach’
– leaders who want an institutional focus that will bring energy to the system
– parents who have reluctant youngsters at home
– communities who want to get back in touch with each others’ needs

It answers the following questions:

– What is coaching?
– How do you coach?
– Where do you begin?
– How do you develop a coaching organization?

It includes: dialogues,case studies, examples of schools using coaching successfully, masterclasses and plenty of information about further help.

Managing Workload Pocketbook

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Managing Workload Pocketbook by  Will Thomas

Teaching is a challenging and rewarding profession. If there’s a downside, it’s the workload: not properly managed it can lead to stress and related problems. If you feel you could be using time better – working less and enjoying life more – then this book offers some useful tips, tools and strategies for work-life balancing. Sections on stress, attitudes and habits, time management and looking after yourself lead to a helpful workload evaluation tool at the end of the book. Drawing on the experiences of real teachers in real schools, you sense that Will Thomas understands the pressures and challenges peculiar to the job and his common sense approach is welcome.

Head of Departments Pocketbook

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Head of Department Pocketbook by Brin Best and Will Thomas

Brin Best and Will Thomas present a practical and informative guide for secondary school teachers aiming to manage their departments effectively. New, aspiring and existing heads of department will find the book offers practical tips and techniques and gives a helpful overview of the role identified by the National College for School Leadership as the ‘engine room of change’ within secondary schools. The central chapter, ‘Managing your Department’ looks at aspects of creative leadership, lesson observation, managing meetings, developing and recruiting people, managing stress, inspection, finance, health and safety. Other chapters cover effective documentation, maximising student achievement and raising the profile of your department. The self-evaluation framework at the end of the book is a useful, analytical tool for any middle manager looking to develop departmental practice.