For over eight years now, Vision for Learning has worked in association with The University of Worcester to offer Accreditation for its Coaching programmes.

Our flagship accreditation in coaching is the Accredited Coach Practitioner, which combines practical and theoretical aspects of coaching in an education setting and yields 20 Masters credits on completion of a module.

You complete practical training in coaching with us and then theoretical academic study with University of Worcester. When you have completed both aspects Vision for Learning awards you Accredited Coach Practitioner Certification as recognition of both the theory and practical work you have done.

Five reasons to get accredited

  • Looking at both the practical and academic gives you credibility
  • You can be sure that it’s not just coaching or training that’s happening but HIGH QUALITY coaching and training
  • If you consider National Awards such as Coachmark, accreditation supports your application
  • If you or your colleagues take their skills beyond your school walls you have a potent marketing tool, particular useful in Teaching school settings.

You will find details of our accredited programmes throughout our site and we are happy to respond to any enquiries you have about accreditation, by email.