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Vision for Learning provides highly practical and engaging CPD for educators. It’s based on tried and tested learning processes, which put the learner at the heart of the experience. If you have a training need to get the very best from your staff, we can help you.

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I’m Will Thomas, award-winning author,  teacher and trainer. I’ve been working in the education sector now for over 25 years. With over 12,000 hours of  coaching and training experience I know that your CPD needs to be relevant, personalised and packed with immediately useful strategies. So that’s what we aim to give you every time.  We are currently looking for trainers of coaching. If you are interested, click the link below.

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Our monthly research and resources journal is a FREE publication sent by email each month.  It’s a succinct collection of short articles on relevant topics in education, coaching, leadership and performance psychology. You can get your copy by registering on this page. Feel free to point others to this journal too. look right for the registration. For back issues click here

All of our training is based around the four stage “CAPE” learning cycle:

Connecting to existing knowledge and skills,

Activating new skills through experience and modelling,

Practising and experimenting with the skills and use of the knowledge

Embedding them into practice and in the day to day context of work and life

Our principle aim is to serve the needs of educators not just as workers, but as human beings who have complex balances to achieve across their personal and professional life.

Our coaching and training programmes support the holistic development of educators so that they can perform highly at work and have rewarding and fulfilling home lives and this way I believe that we are  positive role models to young people, as well as good advocates for the profession.



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